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When using Pinnacle Technologies' Armband / Wristband Identification System, you can rest assured that your detainees identification will be accurate. Don't be anything but certain that you're using the best.

DDSP (Double-Sided Protectant) Armbands

These tamper-resistant armbands are designed and manufactured to stand up to even the most adverse conditions. They are strengthened to protect against stretching and tearing with a a tensile strength of 8,000 - 10,000 psi., as well as being water-resistant.

Each case includes laminating sleeves and 1,000 armbands with an ample supply of washers and rivets needed to secure the armband around the wrists of the detainees.

Standard armbands are 10" in length.
X-Large armbands of 12" in length are also available.
Rivets and washers to secure armbands are provided with each order.

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Rivet Tool

This custom-designed Rivet Tool is designed to secure the armbands to the inmates using the rivets and washers supplied with each order of armbands.

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Trim, Die, & Hole Punch

This mountable, custom-designed Trim, Die, and Hole Punch is designed to trim the ends of the armbands and to punch the holes for the rivets.

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Armband Photo ID Cutter

The custom-designed Armband Photo ID Cutter is designed to trim photographs to the exact size and fit to properly slide into each armband before laminating.

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The Model 5560 Laminator is a commercial grade laminator with heavy-duty heating elements to insure an airtight and watertight seal between the inner and outer sleeves of the armbands.

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