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When using Pinnacle Technologies' Armband / Wristband Identification System, you can rest assured that your detainees identification will be accurate. Don't be anything but certain that you're using the best.
Inmate Identification

All of our customers understand the importance of proper inmate identification. Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. wants to ensure that you always know the identity of your inmates at a glance.
Identification made easy . . .

An inmate in Atlanta, GA escaped and was found three days later. Identification was simple because he was still wearing his armband, which he had not been able to remove, even while out of custody.

Sergeant Jo Hibberts, who processed the inmate, said, "we were sold on this armband and immediately switched to Pinnacle Technologies' product."

Durable & Waterproof

The strength of special plastics and aluminum rivets, this armband is almost impossible to remove without a sharp knife or scissors.

The armbands / wristbands are waterproof and can be immersed in water without damaging the information on the armband.

Accurate inmate tracking

"The importance of proper inmate identification cannot be understated. Pinnacle Technologies' unique armband solution helps us to ensure that our inmate tracking accuracy won't be compromised."

- Andre Simenauer
Wayne County - Detroit, MI

Information at a Glance

Color-coded armbands can be created with an inmate's mugshot, bar codes, and any information needed. Customized colors can be used to immediately show high risk, trustee status, medical risk, or any other designation your agency requires.

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